Providing services to renewable electricity producers

Wind energy, hydroelectricity, photovoltaic, marine energies : the electricity production from renewable sources is the heart of TEXSYS company activities.

In these domains, we are specialized in study, development, commissioning of automatization and real-time supervision systems of RE power stations.

Our systems are suitable for renewable electricity producers and their operation and maintenance teams, in order to simplify system monitoring, failure diagnosis and repair, and consequently to increase the productivity of their power stations.

More than 15 years of experience at the service of electricity producers and the integration of different systems and software which we have developed, allows us today to propose a coherent and efficient decision-making tool. This tool, Datem Cloud is intended to producers owning several RE power stations possibly exploiting different renewable resources. The functionalities of the Datem Cloud platform are covering:

  • Production and performance follow-up,
  • Maintenance management
  • Production report editing
  • Production forecast (limited to wind energy for the moment)
And Datem Cloud will offer shortly functionalities for utility grids managers and electricity traders in order to maximize the use and value of these energies.


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Extension of Cessac hydro power station

In 2014, TEXSYS has provided the total Electricity / Automation / Supervision sub-assembly for the refurbishment of the Cessac hydro power plant on the Lot river. It is equipped with 2 Kaplan turbines and asynchronous generators for a nominal power of 565 kW.

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The SEENEOH project

From 2013 to 2014 TEXSYS has studied and developed the SCADA system of the SEENEOH estuarial test site of hydrokinetic turbines.  This test site is deployed nearby the “Pont de Pierre” in the center of Bordeaux.

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Hydroelectric stations on Cère river

On the basis of the RunRiver solution, TEXSYS has developed automation and SCADA system for 2 hydroelectric power stations on the Cère river. The commissioning has be done in October and December 2015.

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IMERSEO R&D project - Wind energy production forecast

IMERSEO is an R&D project supported by the Midi-Pyrénées Region and realized with two other partners, Atmosphere company and the Toulouse Aerology Laboratory, from mid-2014 to mid-2016

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